Larry Hargett’s Ten Priorities for South Carolina State Government 

  • Restore integrity and trust in State Government that represents the people of the State and not special interest groups which is rampant at both our State and  Federal levels of government.

  • Establish spending priorities to limit wild spending sprees by Government.

  • Review taxing policies for individuals and business with a need to adjust rates for businesses so as not to have to give special interests massive tax benefits to lure them to South Carolina at the expense of local businesses and industries.

  • Seek innovative means to reward and retain existing businesses.

  • Eliminate special tax breaks to special interest groups so that any change in the tax rates can be directed to everyone.  Simplify the tax code in South Carolina to insure it is fair to all, business and individuals, and embrace the FairTax concept of consumption based taxation laws.  The tax would be levied once at the point of purchase on all new goods and services for personal consumption.

  • Restructure Government to give the three branches of government, Executive- Judicial-Legislative, equality.  Voters will benefit by these checks and balances with more efficiency in the delivery of government services.  The South Carolina
    Employment Security Commission is a good example of a very recent bureaucratic calamity that requires new accountability assigned to the Executive Branch.

  • Bring transparency and accountability to constituents for their input, follow through and choice in selecting funding methods and development of better transportation infrastructure and environmental ownership and care of our natural resources.

  • Stamp out the "good old boy" network that has bred a culture of corruption in South Carolina by giving special breaks to special interests at the expense of the

  • Unleash the potentials of capitalism to create wealth and increase prosperity with governmental fiscal decentralization and establish a constitutional spending limit to reduce the size of State government.

  • Overhaul the K-12 education system to achieve more with less per pupil spending and with vocational course offerings to students at the high school level who desire to enter the work force after graduation.

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